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Animal Reiki Book

After receiving many questions about how to work with animals and where to find information about using Reiki with animals; and not having much success in finding any, I decided it is time to put something together.

I have compiled a book that deals strictly with using Reiki on animals. It is a combination work with practical tips, hand positions for different animals, and stories of how Reiki has helped our four-footed, furry, and feathered friends.

This book is strictly based upon my experiences in working with my own animals and the others whose lives I have been allowed to touch. One of the things I have learned about using Reiki is that it is a continual learning process. Each time I work with either a human or an animal I learn something new about how the energy works, about myself, about listening to the client (whether it be their words or learning to read their body language), and about the spirit that lives within all creatures. I want to express my gratitude to the people and animals who helped me to put this together.

I hope that this book will answer some questions, provide some useful suggestions and tips, and provide guidelines for your work with animals.

A sample of the book is available for download -- click here.

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