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The following classes will be held at my home in Northboro, MA, unless otherwise stated. Please call or email to register.

Animal Reiki Class

None Scheduled At This Time


Animal Communication Class

November 5, 2011 - noon to 4PM

Ever wonder what your animal companion is thinking? Wonder why it is they are behaving in certain ways? Animals and humans can communicate through the sending and receiving of images, pictures, and emotions. Everyone has the ability to "hear" what their animal friends are thinking and feeling. It is a matter of making ourselves listen in a different way. It is a matter of allowing our minds and hearts to be quiet and open enough to hear what they are trying to tell us.

This class is made up of lecture, meditations, exercises and Q&A time. Cost $95.

To register, email


Reiki I Class

Saturday, November 12, 2011 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Reiki I involves learning the positions for hands on treatment of yourself and others and receiving the attunements to open the channels to allow the energy to flow more freely. After the class you will have all you need to treat yourself and others with a hands on treatment. I also include a section on working with animals during the class

Class includes lecture, hands on work with self treatment and treating others, a manual, attunements for Reiki I, and a certificate of completion. Cost $150.

To register, email:

Horse Communication and Reiki Sessions and Barn Calls

Ever wonder what it is your horse is thinking? Wonder why it is they are behaving in certain ways? Then you won't want to miss this! Animal Communicators work with energies and telepathic communication to get in touch with your horse. Having a communication session with your horse can be very helpful in a variety of ways.....such as allowing you to see how your horse is feeling emotionally; or.....understanding and correcting behavior problems; finding out if your horse is in pain, where it hurts, as well as their feelings about treatments, etc.....

Call 508-393-3684 for more information.



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