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Mesothelioma Community Resource Network - Pets is a proud affiliate of the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network, a comprehensive mesothelioma cancer resource database and support network for pet owners and others who are coping with a mesothelioma diagnosis. Learn more about mesothelioma or how to join the network at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Equine Wellness Magazine





Animal Wellness Magazine

International Equine Directory


Help and Healing Sites

 Alternatives For Animals  Heart to Heart Healing Connection
 Alternative Pet Health  Holistic Junction
 Animal Healers  In Touch with Spirit
 Animal Wellness Magazine  Integrative Animal Health Center
 AquaDog, Inc. - Aquatic Fitness Center for Dogs  International Directories of NLP and   Reiki Practitioners
 Arfriend  Labrador Retriever Rescue - 978-356-2982  Regional/National/International Arts and Healing Arts Directory of Reiki Practitioners/Therapists  New England Animal Chiropractic 
 New England Directory of Holistic Resources
 Canine Nutrition
 Paws for Reiki  
 Cougar Spirit Bodyworks  Paws That Matter Pet Massage  
 Critter Exchange  Pets
 Directory of Alternative Animal  Therapies  Primetime Pet Care Service
 Equine Exchange   Reiki Resource Centre  REIKI4CRITTERS

 Healers UK

 Reiki For Pets
 Healing Hands Four Paws  Soothingminds
 Healing Arts Network  The Kula Magazine
 Healing Hearts Reiki  The New England Reiki Practitioner
 Healthy Critters Massage Therapy  Visioform
 Healthy Pet Net  Whole Horse Bodyworks

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