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Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions are available as a distance session, at your location or at one of my clinics. House, hospital, stable and kennel calls are available.

Distance Reiki sessions are available.

The last evening session I will do will be at 7:30 pm EST. (Emergencies will be done on a case by case basis.)

Session Fees:


House, Barn, or Kennel Calls:

Regular fee plus an additional $10 within 50 miles, and an additional mileage charge for over 50 miles.

Discounts available for two or more clients per visit.

If the weather/road conditions are not good I will offer you the choice of having a scheduled session as a distance session or to reschedule for another time.

The last evening session I will do will be at 7:30 pm EST.

Reiki Distance Sessions:

A distance session is the transmission of the Reiki energy to a person or animal without the Reiki practitioner being physically present with the being receiving the energy. Distance Reiki is used when a person or animal is in need of healing but cannot visit a Reiki Practitioner. Since the Reiki is not limited by time, space or distance the being receiving the energy and the Reiki Practitioner can be half a world away from one another and the Reiki is still just as effective. The Reiki energy channeled is as strong as that experienced during a personal visit.

A Distance Reiki session is at a prearranged time and takes approximately 30 minutes. During this time I ask:

If you are receiving the treatment, that you get comfortable and quiet during the time of the session.
If your animal companion is receiving the treatment, I ask that you be present with your animal during the time of the session to provide comfort and also to observe anything that happens during the session.

After the session is completed I can either send you an email with whatever information I gleaned during the session or you can call me to speak about what occurred during the session.

To schedule a Reiki session for you or your animal companion, call 508-393-3684  or email

Animal Communication Sessions

Ever wonder what it is your animal companion is thinking? Wonder why it is they are behaving in certain ways? Animals and humans can communicate through the sending and receiving of images, pictures, and emotions.

Animal Communicators work with energies and telepathic communication to get in touch with your pet. Having a communication session with your animal companion can be very helpful in a variety of situations, such as allowing you to see how your pet is feeling emotionally, or understanding and correcting behavior problems, finding out if an animal is in pain, where it hurts, and their feelings about treatments and/or euthanasia.

Everyone has the ability to "hear" what their animal friends are thinking and feeling. It is a matter of making ourselves listen in a different way. It is a matter of allowing our minds and hearts to be quiet and open enough to hear what it is they are trying to tell us.

All Animal Communication sessions are done via the phone or email. The exception to this is if I am doing a Reiki session in person and communication occurs as a part of the session.

Preparing for a session:

  • Make sure you and your pet are comfortable.
  • Have your questions ready.
  • Keep your mind and heart open to hearing what it is they have to say to you.

To schedule a Animal Communication session for your animal companion, call 508-393-3684 or email

To purchase a Gift Certificate for an Animal Communication session, please click here.

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