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Testimonials - Words from a few of my clients...

"Aileen is has helped me improve the quality of my life, and that of the animals I love: One example is- I have a dog that we got at the Animal Rescue League. She had a rough time of it starting out.  For 11 years we have worked with her, looking for signs of acceptance, and contentment, and she has come a long way toward that.  I knew there was something still bothering her, but I couldn't figure it out,  I told Aileen this, and she thought on it, and said I was asking too much of her in terms of asking her to be affectionate.  It would be better if I let her come to me. She hit the nail right on the head.  This simple advice changed the dynamics of our relationship dramatically, the dog is noticeably calmer and more self assured.  I applied this idea to other areas of my life, working with horses, and also in relation to other people, and it has made a difference in the quality of my life as well.  Thank you Aileen for that, and the many other ways you have helped us."
Devorah Landa, Feldenkrais Practitioner.

"Aileen has given me peace of mind that I am giving the animals in my life the best care I possibly can, and by communicating with them I feel closer than ever. I felt they were family before, but now I know that they feel that way as well. It is a truly priceless feeling!"

Donna Gray

"As a nonprofit animal welfare organization, we encounter many beautiful animals who have experienced all sorts of trauma and neglect. Many of these animals are emotionally delicate, confused and require special care.  Aileen has, time and time again, honed into the very important and specific needs of our animals thus giving us the direction we need to effectively begin their rehabilitation.  Our organization has also benefited from her additional services like distance reiki. It has been an honor and pleasure to know and work with Aileen and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who cares about the welfare of animals."
Susan Linker
Chief Executive Officer
Our Companions Domestic Animal Sanctuary, Bloomfield, CT

"Aileen's ability to communicate with animals at a distance has provided me with guidance and peace of mind through many stressful situations. Her perception is truly amazing."

Priscilla Sowa-Nelson

"I contacted Aileen after hearing she had spent time with a dog that had been at our shelter for about a year. I had always thought how great it would be to get some insight on the strays that come through our doors. I must admit part of me was skeptical but we had nothing to lose. Aileen made the trip to the shelter shortly after we contacted her. She was warm, unassuming, and the dogs loved her! We gave no background info, yet she told us things about each dog we knew to be true. She allowed us to stay, watch, and ask questions while she worked with each dog. At the time we had a stray dog that had eluded us for almost three weeks. We finally caught him on a frigid night in a humane trap. He had no tags and we had received no lost reports fitting his description. Aileen told us his owner had gone away for some reason and when he ran away he was staying with someone else in an unfamiliar area. He loved his owner very much and wanted to go home. A few days after Aileen's visit we discovered this dog had a microchip identification number. We traced it to a woman in a neighboring town. The owner and her family had been away for a month. Her brother had taken the dog to his home in another city and the dog had almost immediately bolted out the door and run away. The owner was never notified. When the owner came to the shelter there was no question in our minds that they loved each other. Aileen was right about everything and we can't wait to have her come again!"

Nancy Bersani - President Milton Animal League

"Reiki for Animals - What a dynamic, fulfilled class! Aileen creates a comfortable, supportive environment while sharing her years of expertise and wisdom for using Reiki with our animal friends.  A straight forward, humor sprinkled delivery creates an enchanting atmosphere. This class is a must for Reiki practitioners who wish to work with animals, either informally or professionally.

Animal Communication - Aileen taps into her unique, intuitive skills that can soothe our grieving (e.g., animals that have passed over and those that are preparing to do so) or shed light upon aspects of an animal's behavior that can lead to resolution of a problematic situation.  She helps animals' people to think "outside the box" leading to greater understanding.  Her work can truly bridge the communication gap and clear the way to more harmonious relationships between animals and their people."

Patricia Keene, Reiki Master/Teacher from Maine

"THANK YOU! for the many times over the lives of Mimi and Zulu you have shared your gift with them. The loving and healing energy they received through you helped all of us through bouts of illness. The manner in which Zulu alerted us to the beginning of a session with ears pricked back in a manner exhibited only for you always made me smile. I am sure you will be inundated with many wonderful healing stories. I would like to mention how very much I appreciate your professionalism:  you are always available when we need you, your appointments are always kept and the prompt detailed response to the healing sessions are so helpful."

Donna & Mimi & Zulu, New York

"Thank you so much for your help with Daisy last night. I am not kidding when I say, you have performed a miracle on my Darling Daisy. After her session I had to leave at 7 to visit with a client of mine. I was back home at 9. She came RUNNING TO THE FRONT DOOR TO GREET ME!!!! She was back to her old self! No signs of discomfort or confusion or struggle with her body. She went outside to use the bathroom on her own, I didn't have to coax her. And she jumped on and off the coach, and she jumped up into bed with us! (We've been lifting her since Monday!)

The vet ran a lyme test and it was negative. He gave her a very THOROUGH physical and could not elicit pain or discomfort from her! She is just completely fine! I just can't thank you enough! I really believe the Reiki and heat you were sending her made her finally relax and heal her pain! I can't thank you enough. I only hope her symptoms don't come back. If they do, I will call you. And at that point x-rays are the next step. I didn't want to have them sedate her and keep her for x-rays if it wasn't necessary. And an extra special 'thanks' to your kids for helping with Daisy's session last night....I think it was great to have their added support :)"

Karen and "Daisy Mae."

"When I learned that my dog, Tara, had cancer, I took her to a high-tech, cutting-edge veterinary hospital.  Shortly thereafter I found Aileen's web page and decided to try distance Reiki as well.  I am skeptical by nature.  Aileen dispelled my skepticism with the first session.  Time and time again, my observations have led me to the unequivocal conclusion that Aileen's Reiki works.  I cannot thank her enough for lessening Tara's discomfort, bringing her back for precious periods of relative well-being, and giving me insight into what Tara felt when I  needed to make decisions about her treatment.

Aileen's intellect and kindness are implicit in her tactful, fine-tuned, post-session responses.  Her relentless but gentle "reality checks" have helped me prepare myself for the inevitable.  I have always felt that Aileen was there for me and for Tara.  Every contact I have had with her has left me feeling peaceful.

In the past I considered things like Reiki to be "baloney".  I apologize to whatever powers fuel Reiki and Aileen.  Regardless of how grounded you are in conventional science and medicine, I suggest you try Reiki in addition if an animal you love is ill."

Ellen Katcher,  New York City



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