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Dancing With Wolves

I wanted to share with you about my day with the wolves at Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, MA. Wolf Hollow was incredible!!! There were only two of us signed up for the seminar on Friday. The weather was perfect. We spent the morning out by the big enclosure learning who was who in the pack and figuring out where they belong in the hierarchy. Then we did a slide show and then back out to the enclosure to feed (deer legs) and observe the interactions during feeding. It was incredible. The wolves came right up to the fence, many of them sniffing and kissing our hands through the wire and some presenting their sides to be scratched.

After lunch we went into an enclosure with Missy. She is recuperating from some battle wounds. She accepted treats from Ruth and I, but would not come close enough for us to touch her (she is very bashful). Then we went in with Sultan and Luna. Sultan likes to test new folks by jumping up on you to see if he can knock you down (they showed us how to deal with this before entering). Once he finds he can't get you down he flops down in front of you and presents his belly for scratching. We spent well over an hour playing with he and Luna, including singing with everybody (that sent chills down my spine). I have lots of good pictures (including several of me Luna) and will be getting more once Joni develops the ones she took of us.

It was awesome and I already plan on doing it again next year.



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