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Esquire, the Morgan Gelding

"Back in the spring of 1997 Aileen offered to do a full Reiki treatment on my Morgan gelding Esquire who was experiencing pain and inflammation in his right shoulder. The vet thought it was probably due to arthritis, which is not uncommon for a 16 year old horse. As Aileen began Reikiing Esquire, I sensed that the pain in his right shoulder was diminishing. After a second Reiki treatment Esquire was obviously moving with less stiffness. Watching Aileen Reiki my lad made me want to learn how to do Reiki on Esquire so that I could help alleviate his symptoms of arthritis. In May 1997 I became a level one Reiki practitioner, but I waited nearly two years to study second level Reiki with Aileen.

During the three years that I have been exposed to the first-hand effects of Reiki, I have seen my horse's physical, mental, and emotional condition ameliorate in a way that I would not have expected. Esquire used to be a very nervous worrier. These days he's a calm, happy horse who enjoys life because he's no longer in pain. During damp, rainy spells he might exhibit a little stiffness, but it wears off in a matter of minutes instead of lingering until the weather improves.

Am I a believer in the healing power of Reiki? A thousand times yes!"

Eileen McMahon

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