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Gizmo my 9 year old, white, Shihtzu, has been my constant companion for 9 years, accompanying me on holidays throughout Australia and even to work - with his basket strategically placed under the desk!

Saturday, 27th March 1999, was the day of my 50th birthday party. I had some last minute shopping to do in the morning and so jumped in the car. Gizmo raced up the lane ahead. This was our usual ritual, with me picking him up en route. On this day, however, he wasn't at the top of the drive and as I drove on I felt a bump under the back wheel and then heard terrible screaming. That sound will always stay with me. I felt sick, leapt from the car and saw him lying at the side of the road. He must have been in the bushes, seen the car, raced out and gone under the back wheel.

Swiftly lifting him into the car I drove demonically to the vet, where I ran inside screaming "I've run over Gizmo, don't let him die!" Vets have to put up with the most demented of souls sometimes, but he was wonderful and quickly examined Gizmo declaring that he was in shock, had internal bleeding and collapsed lungs.

Nothing could be done to him in the state he was in and we just had to wait and hope he would come out of shock and stop bleeding.

A few months earlier I had completed Reiki Level 1 and so I asked if I could stay with Gizmo and Reiki him. Everyone at the Vets were wonderful and I sat with Gizmo for 3 hours, I felt energy and love flowing through me into his body - it was the most amazing experience. After 3 hours Gizmo was sleeping peacefully and I knew that I could leave him safely.

First thing next morning I arrived at the Vets to see Gizmo outside, the nurse holding up the drip, while he "cocked his leg!" From this time on I fully realized the wonderful force that Reiki was and I wanted to find a way to help sick animals and their owners. I hope that I will be able to do this through Animal Reiki.

Susan's Story

Susan King lives in Olinda, Victoria, Australia with - 9 year old Gizmo and a very "snooty" 13 year old Abby called Cleo.

Susan was initiated and completed Reiki Level 1 in December 1998, Level 2 in August 1999 and the Advanced Practitioner Course in June 2000. All courses were conducted by Sherwood Reiki Seminars, Mount Dandenong.

Susan has always loved living and working with both people and animals. She worked in the Travel Industry for 18 years and has recently spent 2 years in Animal Welfare. Susan wants to devote her life to helping animals and owners in need and believes that she can achieve this through Animal Reiki.


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