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Gorgeous George

"His name is Gorgeous George, a retired greyhound that we adopted. We went to meet him at Greyhound Adoption Service in Salisbury, MA. He was quiet and bashful, he had only been off the track for a few weeks and he was nervous when we first met him. We took him for a walk and in those few minutes we were both smitten with him.

We filled out the paperwork, paid the adoption fee and arranged a time the following weekend to pick him up (after he had been neutered). His surgery was scheduled for Monday. Tuesday night we got the call from Marilyn (the woman who runs the adoption agency), "I have bad news. George had his surgery, we brought him back to the kennel today. A few hours ago he collapsed and started hemorrhaging. He is in ICU and we don't think he will live through the night." We were heart broken. Lisa and I looked at each other and said, "Let's send him Reiki."

We sat and sent the Reiki energy to him, we talked to him, as we sent, telling him how much we wanted him to come home to live with us. The next morning Marilyn called again. "The vets don't know how, but he is improving. His condition is still serious, but they have some hope now." We were joyous!

We kept sending to him several times a day and each day he got better. That Saturday, the day he had been scheduled to come home with us, we went to pick up George and bring him home. Marilyn said it was a miracle ... we both knew it was the Reiki.

It has been a little over two years since George came home with us. George gets Reiki everyday, it is part of his daily routine (if I forget he reminds me). When I hold Reiki classes, or give treatments in my home, George insists on being present during it all. He has become my Reiki-pup assistant."




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