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The Gray Cat

I have been a Reiki II Practitioner for 2 years now and whenever I have the chance, I do Reiki on everybody and everything I can that looks to need some help in healing...when I remember to. Anyway, I went over to my boyfriends cousins house, and they have a beautiful Gray cat that is very friendly, but runs in and out of the house. We went to their house one day and she said that I would never believe how awful her cat was doing. Apparently it was attacked or in a fight while outside and the next morning the cat came inside the house, reluctantly and skittishly. It's tongue was swollen, hanging out of its mouth, twisted to the side and bleeding. The cat could not bring its tongue back into its mouth and had a mixture of saliva and blood dripping. It would or could not eat or drink and would not come close to anyone, normally sleeping with its mother at night. I told her I would try and do Reiki on her cat, that it was healing energy from God.

I sat in front of the fireplace where the cat was sitting and introduced myself to the cat with presenting the symbols in the air and placed my hands on the cat, one on top of the head and the other on the cats chest. You could feel the warmth in the cat like it had a temperature and I could feel how tired it was. The poor cats tongue was all dried out and hard on the edges. After a while of doing Reiki on the cat, it started to purr. It accepted my touch and the Reiki instantly and relaxed into it. After about a 45 minute session, I asked for some water and just wet the cats tongue to moisten the mouth. We had to leave shortly, of course, his tongue was still hanging out of its mouth. The next day, the lady called me and told me her cat was so much better, was eating and drinking and the tongue was back in its mouth. She was so afraid to lose her cat, but she is very thankful to me for helping her cat. It made me feel good, I love animals so much. I have my own puppy who is 16 weeks old now, her name is Arnie and she is a Blue Heeler/Australian Shepherd mix. Cute little thing. I am sending you a picture because I love her so much and am so proud of her!

Kim Kmita
Garland, Texas


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