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My name is Ann and I have a 4 year old Rotweiler X named Tequila.  She has been through a lot of trauma with her hind legs.  When she came to us as a 4 month old pup from the Shelter she had scabs all down one leg.  (We did not know how this happened but assumed she had been hit by a car as she was very jumpy around loud motors).  When she was about 2 she broke her crucial ligament in her knee and we had to have surgery done on it to repair it, at that time the Vet told us she would eventually develop arthritis in this leg.  Over the next year she did get a very pronounced limp in her right leg and could not jump into the car with out assistance from us boosting her in.  Around the end of March 2003 she was limping and unable to walk a block without being terribly lame for days.  I took her to the Vet and asked what could be done to repair her leg and after a thorough exam the Vet told me she had a serious case of canine arthritis and for most dogs certain substances have been known to help, but because of Tequila's condition he told me straight that although I could try these medications he doubted very much they would work.
He gave her three years and her quality of life would be such that we might want to consider putting her down.  My baby girl is only 4 going on 5 and I couldn't believe what this man was telling me.  He suggested a substance called restore to try on her but again told me not to get my hopes up.

A month before going to the Vet about this, I had taken a Reiki level 1 class. I realized I could be sending her healing and wondered to myself why hadn't I done this sooner.  After hearing the seriousness of her condition I immediately started doing Reiki healing by hands on and sang to her, I did this for a week and also had phoned my friends who are Reiki practitioners and they sent long distance healing to her too.  After one week of this she was walking around the block without being lame...... by the second week she was walking several blocks with no problem and no limp anymore!  after the second week I took her off the 'restore' and wanted to see if she would remain healthy with Reiki only.  She went steadily uphill.  In fact, we now can hike with her up and down long trails that are quite strenuous and there is no limping or problems.  By the way, she now can jump all by herself into our SUV (which is quite a jump), it has been almost 6 months and she is fine, healthier than ever and the 'puppy' in her soul has come back to us.  I am so thankful for the healing power of Reiki.  I did go back to the Vet at one point and tell him I had been doing Reiki on Tequila and the positive results.  He didn't know what Reiki was, or necessarily believe in it, but said keep on doing what ever your doing.

Ann Carlson & Tequila


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